Privacy Of Membership

‘TheAllianceMakers’ have laid some steps in order to protect our user’s privacy and respective efforts are taken to protect the personal data provided by the same. Related security safeguards are taken against the risks with respect to destruction, loss or disclosure and modification of the data. We always strive to protect the confidentiality of the personal information or information transacted by our users that cannot absolutely secure. By reading this, you also agree that copying the information using technology or by any means cannot be made secure by ‘TheAllianceMakers’. We have no liabilities or responsibility with such act. The user needs to understand and agree that we do not have liability for the disclosure of the information because of errors by the third parties or by any errors. You also agree to keep the personal information like username and password secured and confidential to prevent misuse of the profile at our website.

Make sure to read and understand our Privacy Policy that governs the visit to our site and understand the practices. ‘TheAllianceMakers’ members agree that the respective profiles can be indexed and found through search engines where our network has no control over such search engine behaviour. We are not responsible for such acts of third party website or search engines. You agree that using third party services there would be granting ‘TheAllianceMakers’ the right of sharing information needed. This information would be needed for providing services for third parties with respect to office use only.