A. The access to and the usage of services of ‘TheAllianceMakers’ or any content is at your own risk. THE SERVICES OF THE ALLIANCE MAKERS ARE PROVIDED TO YOU ON THE “AS AVAILABLE” AND “AS IS” BASIS ONLY. WE DO NOT LIMIT THE FOREGOING AS PER THE LAW AND WE DISCLAIM ALL THE WARRANTIES AND EXPRESS THE MERCHANTABILITY FOR A NON INFRINGEMENT OR DEFINITE PURPOSE ONLY. ‘TheAllianceMakers’ do not provide warranty for the emails, servers and website are completely free of viruses or other illegitimate components. ‘TheAllianceMakers’ are not liable for any damages or other issues arising from the usage of websites that include and do not limit to the indirect, punitive, indirect and other kinds of damages.

B. ‘TheAllianceMakers’ do not give any kind of warranty or guarantee of marriage or alliance by opting to register on the website using ‘TheAllianceMakers’ services either free or paid.

C. Users not withstanding to the contrary contained under the absence of circumstances ‘TheAllianceMakers’ is held responsible or liable, relating to or connected, arising from: i. Any omission or act not done by ‘TheAllianceMakers’ payment gateway or alliance partners.
ii. Any incorrect or false data submitted by you or on your behalf.
iii. Any decision was taken on your behalf or the consequences thereof, depending on the information provided by other users by deleting the profile from ‘TheAllianceMakers’.
iv. Any illegal or unauthorized act done by other party related to information submitted by you or at your end.
v. Any kind of cybercrime committed or attempted by any member.
vi. Any incident that is ‘act of god’ or force-majeure.
vii. Any issues stated before in the terms and conditions that include limitations of clauses of the respective terms and conditions.
viii. Any link to the social media provided through trust, you can draw the conclusion that you agree and understand that ‘TheAllianceMakers’ is not authenticating and checking the veracity of the documents provided by the users of ‘TheAllianceMakers’.

‘TheAllianceMakers’ members are expected to check the documents submitted by prospects during shortlisting the prospects. And also to satisfy the same before proceeding with the match by adequate effort and diligence. We do not claim the ownership or authenticity of the address scheduled for the appointment as being the legal place or employment of the member respectively. ‘TheAllianceMakers’ members are requested to show thorough care and caution while processing the shortlisting. The members need to satisfy themselves before making the choice of the matched by diligence and clarity. ‘TheAllianceMakers’ is not liable to any kind of damages arising through the website.
ix. Utilising third-party services like a horoscope for the matching services and payment for the same.
x. ‘TheAllianceMakers’ is not liable for the outcome of meetings, chat, SMS, social media posts and calls at any point in time.
D. You completely agree that using ‘TheAllianceMakers’ website is your risk only.

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