Punjabi weddings, how it feels to be like?

Punjabi Weddings somewhere relates to the lavish weddings. With extravagant backdrops, lots of fashions, superb pictures, bhangra music and a lot of lavishness leaves the image that is nothing less than.

The rituals are detailed and lively. Here is a small snap.


At first, sagan ceremony happens at the groom’s place. It all about blessings for the groom. This ceremony is followed by the Chunni ceremony where it is the bride’s turn to be showered with blessings. With a custom of gifting a “red chunni” or “red sari” to the bride, it is usually given by the groom’s sister or sister-in-law. The girl wears the chunni and goes to the groom’s place, where she is showered with gifts and jewellery by her would-be mother-in-law. The ritual is further sealed by the exchange of rings between the groom and the bride.


Sangeet function at a Punjabi weddings is all about food, fun, family and friends. Sangeet is about making merry. Women sing and dance to wedding songs in this ritual. Usually, the Sangeet is accompanied by Mehendi ceremony at the bride’s place.


The Chuda adds a special charm to the Punjabi bride. This ritual happens in the bride’s house, and includes adding beautiful chuda bangles to the bride by maternal uncle or brother. Then, the girl is smeared with turmeric and oil paste with good wishes by her family members. She takes a bath with holy water post the ritual and then wears the bridal attire.

The day of wedding progresses with special ceremonies like ‘Sehrabandi, milni rasam, jaimala and phera dalna’. These go coupled with games for the newlyweds, post vidaai, make the wedding ceremony completes with elaborate rituals of the Punjabi community.